Our business model at YellowTop Angus is

To treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Our mission statement is

To raise good bulls with the highest level of Integrity.

The sale bulls were calved on grass and developed there through weaning. They had 2 rounds of shots, were dewormed and poured prior to weaning. We weaned and brought the bulls home and pitched grass hay morning and night and hand fed them their developer pellets at night. We started out at 4 pounds and over the winter got them up to 8 pounds. We turned them out into small pastures around our place here to ensure they got good exercise and brought them up to the barn to feed at night. Then May 1st we boosted the vaccines and turned them out on cool season pastures. We rotated them there until the summer and turned them out on 120 acres of native grass. We have supplemented them this summer with pellets and I feel their condition is about perfect.

I feel that the less confinement, the less cement, and the less corn a breeding bull has the better chance they will have to stay in your herd for a long time. We feel that we are doing the best we possibly can, to offer you sound bulls with good dispositions and developed in a way to make your investment last as long as it can. In doing so we hope these bulls will sire you good calves for years to come. There are so many factors that we can not control on how long bulls last, but the ones we can control we are striving to implement into our program.

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